Ratio was a project my group and I created during our specialisation course at the IT University of Copenhagen. ​​​​​​​
To be able to create a more relevant news experience for the busy but interested news
consumers, we tried to change the way they are exposed to news. The aim of this was to
remove the target groups’ frustration, caused by the great amount of irrelevant news.

To accommodate this situation, we developed the concept Ratio, which presents the
news consumers to a self-chosen distribution of society related and customized news.
Ratio was developed with human-centred design approach. The process started by empathising with the target group.  The collected data was analysed through an empathy map, which led to some user needs and key insights. When then used these to define the design challenge.
As a part of the ideation phase we created a lot of sketches. These helped us explore different ideas in a quick way, and at the same time remain tangible. 

In order to understand the use situation, we also sketched some scenarios. By applying this method, we used storytelling to describe potential future situations.
During the beginning of the process, we needed to know if the target group would find the concept useful. To test this, we created a low fidelity prototype. Based on our findings we redesigned the parts that need some attention before testing on high fidelity prototype.